Sunday, July 19, 2015

Paul Meets the King

Thoughts This Week
     I have been very encouraged this week by all the people that I've been able to talk to. I have been enjoying the fellowship that I miss out on from working a weird schedule. I have enjoyed talking with people who don't know Jesus and helping them become more familiar with Him.

Acts 26:24-32
     In Acts 26 Paul has arrested and has been taken in by the Romans as the Jews in Jerusalem were trying to kill him. He has talked to Governor Festus and asked to appeal to Caesar his case. Festus readies to send Paul but needs to indict him on a legitimate charge. Festus uses an opportunity to ask King Agrippa, who's knowledgable in Judaism, to meet with Paul. Festus is hoping Agrippa can find fault, or a hole, in his case that Festus can use an indictment. I think about what most of us would do. How most of us would handle the situation. Most of us would have our tail between our legs. Not Paul. Not God's man.

      Paul begins by being convictive in bearing his testimony and his past sins. He show the sin that was in his life, and shows the truth that is in Jesus Christ, the gospel, that resulted in his conversion. He begins the process of trying to bring the gospel to Agrippa and all of those around Him.

     The verse that I'm memorizing this week is easy to pick out of the paragraph, and I know most of us need to use it in our lives. When you are in a tough time how do you react? What is the first thing that you do or think? I know I need to center my life more in the Word of God and the proclaiming of His name. Agrippa, Festus and the whole gathering didn't know what they were getting themselves into when they asked Paul to speak. What they got was the proclamation of the gospel. Paul lets God work through him and knows when its time to stop talking and let God do the rest.

Then Agrippa said to Paul, "You almost persuade me to become a Christian." And Paul said, "I would to God that not only you, but also all who hear me today, might become both almost and altogether such as I am, except for these chains."

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